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Post-Game Topics for Discussion: Southern Miss. at South Carolina

1. We Don't Need Saunders. We have Stephen Garcia. We have Marcus Lattimore. We have Alshon Jeffery. We have Ace Sanders. We have have no worries in this department. Even the OL looked OK at points.

BTW, Garcia is the QB, mmkay?

2.   The Defense is OK.  I don't think we have the playmaking ability we had with Eric Norwood. But if we can make the most of what we have, we'll be OK.

3. Georgia. You know you're thinking it. Do we win?

Bonus Question: How many TDs will Marcus Lattimore score this year?

Folks, I believe this is real this time. I've listened to lots of Spurrier's interviews. He believes. You should, too.

Go. to. Hell. Georgia. Bulldogs.