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The Daily Feed // 09.27.10

No need to pile on. Yuck, yuck, yuck.
No need to pile on. Yuck, yuck, yuck.


SC – Auburn, A Graphic Explanation (Ellis Johnson’s Hat Edition) | The Rubber Chickens
This actually sums it up pretty well.

Gamecocks Slip in Polls | Gamecocks Online
We're now 19th in the AP and 22nd in the USA TODAY/ Coaches poll. That's much more reasonable.

South Carolina-Auburn: Gamecocks at a Crossroads After Loss | Bleacher Report

In what was a fine offensive performance in Auburn, Alabama Saturday night, the South Carolina Gamecocks proved that they aren't there yet. The question that was posed though is, are they even close?

It's a fair question.

Report Card: Auburn | Spur of the Moment
Travis Haney may take issue with the above assessment of a "fine offensive performance in Auburn." You know things were bad when the highest grade went to special teams, and that was a C-.

Quick Postgame Impressions: AU v USC | Leftover Hot Dog

3 Postgame Questions

1. Was putting Shaw in late the right call?

2. Will Garcia ever learn to slide?

3. How does this change the season's outlook in your opinion?

1. No 2. No 3. Not just yet.

South Carolina Gamecocks Football vs Auburn Field Report | Leftover Hot Dog
Read it if you dare.

South Carolina Has No Official QB and a Week off | Spur of the Moment

"I'm really concerned for Stephen Garcia and the way he runs with his head down," Spurrier said. "He can seriously hurt himself doing that. We've talked about it and talked about it. It doesn't seem to change him. That's the way he runs."

Spurrier shares our frustrations on Sunday's conference call. Haney takes the view that Spurrier may use concerns over Garcia's health as an excuse to play Shaw. I'm of the slightly less cynical opinion that Spurrier may genuinely be concerned for Garcia's health (and by extension his football team's future) after having just lost one of his former players the week prior in Kenny McKinley. The health of his players is likely to be on his mind.


Late Bronco's kin, friends struggle to grasp troubles that followed college success | The Denver Post
A great piece on Kenny McKinley's life as a high school, college, and professional football player. There is a lot of insight to be had in this article. Also, Kenny's funeral will be held today.

Those Left Behind: Cory Boyd Talks About McKinley | Spur of the Moment

In the report, friends told police that Boyd was McKinley's best friend -- the closest thing to family he had in Colorado.

There is nothing for me to add here.



Jadeveon Clowney Has Visited USC 8 Times | Saturday Down South
This has to be good for us, right?



From the Desk of Eric Hyman | Spurs Up

The USC Athletics Department is a self-sufficient entity financially, drawing no support from the State of South Carolina.


I emphasize this because it has been suggested in the reports about these talks the governor is giving that there is a correlation between athletics costs and tuition costs. It has been suggested that a moratorium might be placed on new construction projects which could have a tremendously negative impact on University of South Carolina Athletics as we are trying to become a nationally prominent program.

Couple things here. Is the Monday after an incredibly disappointing loss really the best time to issue this statement? And second, will politicians ever stop meddling in things they know nothing about? Oh, right. That's their job.



No. 23 South Carolina Routs Kentucky 5-1 In Lexington | SOUTH CAROLINA GAMECOCKS

Five players scored in one of the biggest routs in Gamecock history as No. 23 South Carolina defeated Kentucky 5-1 Sunday afternoon in front of 494 fans at the UK Soccer Complex.



Men's Soccer Earns 1-0 Victory Over No. 25 Charlotte | Gamecocks Online

The University of South Carolina men's soccer team earned a 1-0 victory over No. 25 Charlotte on Saturday evening in non-conference play at Transamerica Field at the Irwin Belk Center in Charlotte. The win improves South Carolina's record to 3-2-1 on the year, while the 49ers fall to 3-4-0.