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The Daily Feed // 09.29.10


From Practices: Spurrier Says Garcia the Starter for Bama | Spur of the Moment
Looks like Garcia is getting the nod. Oh, and Spurrier is pissed.

When losing begins to hurt these guys, as much as it hurts some of us, we'll have a good team here at South Carolina," Spurrier said, echoing something he's said before here, in past years. "But I'm not convinced losing hurts these guys. Or else they'd play better. They'd play their assignments.

Gamecocks Work Out During Bye Week | Gamecocks Online
Watch some video interviews from Tuesday's practice.

Morris: USC should stick with run game |
Somehow Ron Morris saw last Saturday's game versus Auburn and thinks the play calling is to blame.

No, the issue is why did Spurrier and USC revert to form and put the game’s outcome on the shoulders of the quarterback?


Gone was an attempt to establish a running game with superstar-in-the-making Marcus Lattimore. In its place was an attack that called for the quarterback to win or lose the game with his arm.

Gee, I dunno, maybe because Marcus Lattimore had a net of 33 yards on 14 carriers, and the team as a whole had 79 yards on 28 carries. Oh, and by the way, we scored 27 points through the air.  Folks, I'm sorry I even posted this, but it's a slow news cycle what with the bye-week and all. Read it if you must.

Ron Morris Resignation Petition | Petition Spot
And as part of my not-so-silent protest against Ron Morris, from now on I will post this website directly beneath any article of Ron's that makes it into The Daily Feed. Universe: balanced. (By the way, the petition currently sits at 626 signers)

Gamecocks looking into defensive breakdown |
Meanwhile, Travis Haney addresses the real issue in Saturday's loss.

South Carolina knew what Auburn would try to do with Newton. He would run. He would run a lot. He would run up the middle a lot. The lingering question is this: Why couldn't it stop him?

Why, indeed?

The Maddox Jump | The Rubber Chickens
Haha!  /points

COMMENTARY: Somehow, All Is Not Lost |
David Cloninger walks the fine line between delusional fan and hopeful skeptic. There's enough hedging in here to make the Georgia Bulldawgs think they're playing a home game.

Draft Season: Four Months on the Clock | Bobby Deren
Thanks to Bobby Deren for his support.

In light of recent events, author Bobby Deren will donate all future profits from his book, DRAFT SEASON: Four months on the clock, to the Kenny McKinley Trust Fund. The trust fund was established by the NFLPA to benefit Keon McKinley, the 1-year old son of the late Kenny McKinley.

“It was privilege to tell Kenny’s story,” said Deren. “I only hope this book will enable others to see Kenny as I knew him. I knew him as a young man who was full of life, someone who lit up the world.”



Gamecock Men's Soccer Earns 1-0 Victory Over Wake Forest - Gamecocks Online
USC's Jimmy Maurer earned his 23rd shutout of his career as the Gamecocks dispatched their old ACC foe.

Jimmy Maurer Named C-USA Defensive Player Of The Week | Gamecocks Online

South Carolina senior goalkeeper Jimmy Maurer was named the Conference USA Defensive Player of the Week on Monday. Maurer earns the weekly accolades for the eighth time of his career and the second time of the 2010 season after being honored on Sept. 7.



Mariners hand Texas 7-5 loss | Seattle Times
Former Gamecock first baseman Justin Smoak is finally taking to his new surroundings. He hit a three-run bomb against the Rangers to help lead the Mariners to a 7-5 victory.

The crowd of 29,381 at Rangers Ballpark, having celebrated pregame the unfurling of a 2010 American League West championship banner for the newly crowned Rangers, looked on stunned as Smoak took Wilson deep to left to make it a 6-1 game.




Gamecock Athletics This Weekend | Spurs Up
Lots on tap this weekend. Just no football.