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The Daily Feed // 10.14.10


No.10 South Carolina hits road to take on Kentucky |
I'm giving #1 billing today to the Kansas City Star because, frankly, I think it is wonderously weird how well they cover the Gamecocks. The State ought to be embarrassed.

Gamecocks Podcast: Talking Crimson Tide and UK Wildcats on Episode 18 | Leftover Hot Dog
Is your job unbelievably monotonous? Do you often make long distance drives? Do you find yourself wishing your iPod played something other than "Final Countdown" while you're working out? Then you, my friend, need to subscribe to LOHD's Gamecocks Podcast. You can thank me later.

Gamecocks Continue Kentucky Preparations | Gamecocks Online
I could listen to Coach Elliot talk about the Gamecocks all day...

Gamecock Memory Lane, Or Why I Can’t Stop Worrying About the Wildcats and Just Enjoy the Bama Win | The Rubber Chickens
Will Kentucky be the snake to our Alabama mongoose? Or is it the mongoose to our Alabama snake? I don't know animals. Either way, it's bad.

Gamecocks Bloggers Roundtable II: Mid-Season Edition | Leftover Hot Dog
Check out LOHD's answers to Gamecock Man's questions.

Don't Bet On It!: Week Seven College Football Forecasts Around the SEC | Dawg Sports
T. Kyle King picks against us. By the way, is it a sign that you watch too much college football when you see a bulldog without a jersey on and think it looks naked?

Gamecocks' Jeffery presents big problem for Kentucky |
Is basketball all they really think about up there? Joker Phillips on Alshon Jeffery:

"He's a great rebounder," Phillips said. He is a guy that probably will have a lot of confidence in this game because this is where he really had his breakout game, against us last year. He is a good post player. After he posts you up, he's so strong and physical that he can shove you to the ground and make a huge play. Last year we were in great position; we just did not make the play. We've just got to be more physical with him."

Five Questions with the Enemy | The Daily Gamecock
Yes, it really is.

People certainly know about the big losing streak to South Carolina and it's a little disconcerting, but to be honest, longer losing streaks against the Gators and Tennessee (25 and counting) keep the attention of most UK fans. And while we're being honest, most UK fans still are more shocked that South Carolina beat Kentucky in basketball last year.

Former Football Players at Alabama Game | Spurs Up
Complete with pictures!

Gamecock Nation Takes on New Meaning for USC President | Leftover Hot Dog
LOHD has a copy of the letter USC President Harris Pastides sent out after the Alabama game.

Former SC coach Paul Dietzel to be Honored at Miami University | Spurs Up
The man won our only (to date) conference title back in 1969.



Jadeveon Clowney: Are Miami and Auburn Serious Contenders for The Star Recruit? | Bleacher Report
Miami? They may be honoring Coach Dietzel, but that won't sell me on them. No chance. Actually, I don't know anything about this kid other than he is a stud recruit, but Miami just does not seem to fit in with the other schools on that list.

USC moves into lead for Townsend

LB Lateek Townsend (6-3 207) of Marlboro County says USC is his leader. "I was at the Alabama game," he said. "That pretty much showed me they have everything to compete for a national championship and SEC championships every year."

Already paying dividends.



Gamecock Soccer TV Time Changes | Gamecocks Online
This Sunday's and next Sunday's games to be televised on ESPNU.

Video Feature on Brooke Jacobs | Gamecocks Online
The Women's Soccer program has had a lot of success in the last year plus. Let's hope it continues with contributions from players like Brooke.



Softball to Take on National Pro Fastpitch All-Star Team | Spurs Up
Let's hope new head coach Beverly Smith has made a big impact on the team since last year. I don't want to, but I feel I should remind you folks that we won one (1) SEC game last year. And now we're playing a professional All-Star team... yeah...