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Steve Spurrier Takes Getting into His Quarterbacks' Heads to the Next Level

Steve Spurrier has long been known for wanting to inhabit his quarterbacks' heads. And indeed, he has quite a reputation for figuring out innovative ways to do it, even going to the length of rotating quarterbacks in and out on each play in order to be able to be constantly talking to them on the sidelines. Well, he's now figured out an even better method: the news out of practice today is that Spurrier placed a camera on Stephen Garcia's helmet so that after practice he can watch video and analyze what Garcia is looking at on each play. The results should be interesting, as Garcia had a very poor practice. Per the HBC:

"It's one of those training aids you put on a quarterback, see what the heck he's looking at," coach Steve Spurrier said. "So we'll go back and review, see what Stephen's looking at on all the interceptions he threw today."

I would say that the experiment was either a major success or a major failure. The coaches will either be able to discern why Garcia threw the interceptions or they will realize that the camera psyched Garcia out.

Reports on whether Spurrier intends to use the data he collects to build technology that will allow him to control Garcia's mind are yet to be confirmed. For now, he'll at least be happy to have fulfilled his long-held dream of actually being able to see through the eyes of his quarterback.