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Tuesday News and Notes: Joyce Compton Retires and Other News

We're beginning to get into the late-spring / early-summer doldrums on the news front, and since I'm not particularly inclined to follow closely the usual offseason "news," I'll probably start writing post-spring previews of our fall opponents soon. I might also take a look at the expansion issue that's brewing in Big 10 land, which is the only thing resembling real news that seems to be happening right now.

A few tidbits for today:

Joyce Compton retires. Although her program has fallen off lately, USC softball coach Joyce Compton is one of softball's legends and one of USC's all-time athletics greats. Her presence will be missed. If you're not familiar with them, follow the link to take a look at some of her accomplishment.

Arkansas's Courtney Fortson enters the NBA draft. Fortson has yet to hire an agent, but word is that he may be ready for the pro game regardless of his draft status, so he may end up looking into Europe if he goes undrafted, which is very possible.

Dawn Staley signs Markeisha Grant. Grant is a JUCO prospect out of Florida. Staley has done a good job of keeping up her recruiting momentum despite losing Kelsey Bone, suggesting that hopefully losing Bone will only be a momentary blip on Staley's plans for SEC domination.