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Kelsey Bone to Transfer

Dang. This isn't good news for our women's basketball team. Kelsey Bone, a former bluechip recruit and AP SEC Newcomer of the Year this past season, has chosen to leave Dawn Staley's program. Per Coach Staley:

"Kelsey made a significant impact on our program this season, and we regret that she feels it is in her best interest to leave," Staley said. "We are a program that is constantly focused on doing what is best for our players, and we support Kelsey in her decision and wish her the best. I am confident that our program will continue to grow in her absence as we constantly strive to bring quality players and people into the Gamecock family, beginning with the outstanding group of players committed to join us next season."

This is a big blow to a program that, if it had had Bone, was primed for a breakout season this coming year.

It's still a little unclear why Bone chose to leave, but most seem to be suggesting that she would prefer to go somewhere where she can win a bit more quickly. If that's true, I really think it's a shame she feels that way. Coach Staley's program is obviously headed in the right direction, with another solid recruiting class coming in this year. Bone might one day regret having given up her chance to be part of something big.