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Thursday News and Notes: SEC Media Days, Agentocalypse, and More

Morris: NCAA is headed for big trouble | GoGamecocks. I'll have to admit that I generally agree with this. I'm not sure I'm ready to say we should begin paying players--it just feels like something will be lost once that happens, and I'm not just talking about a level playing field--but you have to admit that Morris is right to call it ironic when someone raking in as much money as Nick Saban is complaining about agents offering small gifts to the atheletes Saban is making bank on.

Team Speed Kills - SEC Coverage. If you're not already following TSK, this is the place to go for SEC Media Days coverage.

Saban wants focus on this season, not last | GoGamecocks

Pouncey denies allegations he took money at UF | GoGamecocks

Slive: Agent rules might be part of problem | GoGamecocks

USC makes final cut with Leonard | GoGamecocks. I forgot to link this the other day. This is BIG news for Darrin Horn. Leonard is the kind of player USC has needed for some time now to break into the elite, so let's hope the final push works out.

QB Parker confirms he is returning to Clemson | The Herald - Rock Hill, SC. I guess he wants to know if it feels as bad to lose to the Gamecocks in Death Valley as it does to lose to them in Columbia and Omaha. In all seriousness, I wish Parker well, other than when he plays us. He's giving up a bit of cash to enjoy another year of football. That's cool, I think.