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Spurrier: Garcia and Shaw Will Both Play

This should get a bit of mileage on the message boards:

"We'll definitely have two quarterbacks coming to the ballpark ready to play," Spurrier said.

He noted Shaw's athletic abilities and also said the team needs a solid option should Garcia get injured.

"Stephen is our starter right now," he said. "He'll be our starter unless someone beats him out."

While these statements will undoubtedly divide Gamecocks fans, I'm a little inclined to say that it will be blown out of proportion. Spurrier reiterated that Garcia is the starter and will continue to be the starter unless someone beats him out, and he indicated that one of his main reasons for wanting to play Shaw was to have an option prepared should Garcia get hurt. Nothing about this suggested to me that Spurrier was expressing a lack of confidence in Garcia; indeed, he didn't go as far in that direction as he had in the past, indicating that maybe Garcia really is moving in the right direction.