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The Daily Feed // 09.08.10


Bulldogs, Gamecocks aren’t far apart in the polls | UGA sports blog

"I would have to imagine another knockdown dragout in Columbia," Georgia coach Mark Richt said Tuesday.

-Mark Richt stating the obvious

Week One BlogPoll Ballot Draft: Boise State, Alabama, and Ohio State Stay on Top | Dawg Sports
Speaking of the polls, T Kyle King - noted pessimist and Todd Grantham enthusiast - is up to his old tricks. Here's an excerpt from his latest BlogPoll ballot.

17 South Carolina Gamecocks

18 Georgia Bulldogs

That's right, he's summoning up all the bad Karma he can muster by ranking us ahead of his 'Dawgs. And we're just one spot above the 'Dawgs to boot, so you know he would really rank UGA ahead if not for his superstitions. The nerve!

I mean, did you see the stats from their game against ULL? They looked like world beaters with a QB that had no experience. Imagine how they'll dismantle our defense with one game of experience under their belt. They could probably saunter onto the field after a four-course meal and still flay us to pieces. Don't even get me started on their defense and special teams.

This aggression shall not stand. Hence forth, being ranked shall be referred to as "The Recent Unpleasantness."

Steve Spurrier's Weekly Press Conference Quotes & Videos | Gamecocks Online
The title says it all.

Quick Practice Recap |
Wilson and Allen's statuses are still up in the air due to injury while Cully and King are at practice but still uncertain for the game. Maddox will probably start at fullback - something we here at GABA have been wondering about since the spring.

Maddox's Move to Fullback Overdue | Leftover hot Dog
LOHD agrees.

LeCorn moves to defense |
Defensive Coordinator Lorenzo Ward (sic) comments on moving Deon LeCorn to the Spur.

"There was a lot of receivers in front of him because he was out injured for a little while, so he felt the best chance to get onto the field and play was to move to defense and try to help us," Ward said.

Meanwhile, Akeem Auguste sees your red-shirt Freshman QB and raises you a salty secondary.

Though he didn't see a lot of the Georgia-ULL game, junior free safety Akeem Auguste was impressed by Murray's legs. "I saw he likes to run," Auguste said. "He's a little Connor Shaw-type quarterback. I saw him make some throws, but he's still a freshman in my eyes and has a lot to prove. We'll see if he can prove it to one of the best secondaries in the nation."

I like your attitude young man.

Wait continues for Green, Culliver | SEC Blog - ESPN
All signs point to A.J. Green being ready to for this Saturday's tilt versus UGA.

"I will be highly disappointed if we don’t hear something this week," Richt said.

Meanwhile Spurrier is still in the dark with regards to our players. But he is dutifully paying lip service to the NCAA.

"I think we will." "The NCAA runs college football," Spurrier said. "You gotta have a sheriff. As coaches and administrators, we understand they have a difficult job to do. We’ll just have to wait it out and see what happens."

Have USC's Special Teams Turned A Corner? |
I 'm not sure I buy that our special teams have improved. Thursday's game didn't prove much since USM isn't know for its special teams prowess. We've been too bad on special teams for too long. I Expect at least one run-back by Georgia on Saturday. Why shouldn't I?

Spurrier: Shaq Might Not Play In 2010 |
Spurrier & Co. are considering red-shirting Shaq Wilson for the 2010 season. If he doesn't play against Georgia, then it makes sense to go ahead and sit him against Furman as well. By that time he will already have missed 1/4 the season. Is there any truth to this or is it just misinformation directed at the 'Dawgs?

Gamecocks Podcast: Southern Miss Review & Dawgs Preview on Episode 13 | Leftover Hot Dog
Moose, the General, and Flounder discuss the goings-ons in Gamecock nation from last week.

The Comeuppance Report; or, Who I’m Pulling Against This Week | The Rubber Chickens
A look at everything most loathsome this week in college football.

Tulane (who is hosting Ole Miss) – We’ve all had a good laugh, now it’s time to move on. You know you thought "what if that happened to us?" You know you did. And how did it feel? Horrifying, right?

/Shivers. It's like he's inside my head...

And for the record, I think "The Comeuppance Report" is a much better title than "This Week in Schadenfreude."


USC offers ticket forgiveness | The Daily Gamecock
After taking a hard line yesterday, the University goes back on it's vow to be tough on no-shows.

USC officials granted forgiveness to more than 1,200 students who missed Thursday’s season opener without canceling their tickets, reversing earlier statements that promised to revoke student tickets for any student who missed one game without canceling their tickets online.

Disgraceful. On a positive side, 13,170 students requested tickets for this game, 2,000 more than ever before. Then again 4,000 of those will be unable to receive a ticket while people who skipped the USM game will take their place -if they show up.