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SEC Hoops Power Poll Results: January 31st-February 6th


You might have noticed that there was no poll last week. That's because your panel of voters, seated in a dimly lit room while guzzling bourbon in Vegas, decided to move it to the beginning of the week. You can now expect results to go up Sunday or Monday nights.

Here are this week's results.

1. Kentucky Wildcats (unanimous) 168

2. Vanderbilt Commodores 153

3. Tennessee Volunteers 139

4 (t.). Mississippi Rebels 116

4 (t.). Mississippi St. Bulldogs 116

6. Florida Gators 100

7. South Carolina Gamecocks 89

8. Alabama Crimson Tide 63

9. Arkansas Razorbacks 57

10. Georgia Bulldogs 43

11. Auburn Tigers 35

12. LSU Tigers (unanimous) 14

See what the voters had to say after the jump.


After looking good against LSU and Mississippi St., they drop a game to their arch rivals on the road.--A Sea of Blue

I think Crimson Tide fans are ok with losing to Auburn as long as they win on National Signing Day.--ACC & SEC Blog


Some winnable games are on the horizon, but Pelphrey's squads have a tendency to play down to their competition. It will be very interesting to see how they handle their recent small bit of success.--Arkansas Expats

Courtney Fortson and Rotnei Clarke make Arkansas the most dangerous team under .500 in college basketball. At least, that's what we're telling ourselves in Mississippi.--Red Cup Rebellion


Seemed to have entered save Jeff Lebo's job mode; look for more surprise wins.--Leftover Hot Dog

Jeff Lebo gives Auburn fans a reason to crow against Alabama.--ACC & SEC Blog


Donovan still has the best hair in the conference.  Now, if could only find a point guard as good....--A Bulldog in Exile

They better find a way to win 10 games in conference.--Alabama Basketball Blog


All of these close losses are just learning experiences for next year - this team is absolutely headed in the right direction.--Rocky Top Talk

Have to be the toughest 1-5 team around.--Arkansas Expats


I think that Vanderbilt is still having nightmares about Demarcus Cousins. If John Wall and Cousins play exceptional on the same night, no one in the league can touch them.--Red Cup Rebellion

John Wall is apparently unhappy. Selective editing makes it seem like Wall is being immature. But if you follow all of Wall's statements, it's a kid trying to deal with the pressures of winning.--Alligator Army


Still winless in the SEC.--A Sea of Blue

Yes, they are that bad and, no, they aren't going to get any better. It's too early for Trent Johnson to find
himself on the hot seat.... we think.--Save the Shield

Mississippi State

Road losses to Bama and Ark have them on the NCAA bubble.--Alabama Basketball Blog

Barely the best team in the West, if there is such a thing.--A Bulldog In Exile

Ole Miss

Knocked backwards because of their loss to Arkansas. Tonight's game at UK will be a good assessment of how good they really are.--Alligator Army

May be peaking too early as they have loads of talent and showcasing now.--Leftover Hot Dog

South Carolina

Three very respectable losses in conference, but their OOC is nothing to get excited about. And ultimately, if your
only chance of victory is counting on circus shots, you'll place better on Sportcenter's Top 10 than you will on this list.--Save the Shield

Capable of beating anyone on any given night.--Rocky Top Talk


Seems the loss of Tyler Smith is finally catching up to them.--Leftover Hot Dog

I hope Bruce Pearl wears the T-shirt and jacket combo more often.--ACC & SEC Blog


The win @ UT was more important than losing @UK. With UF's loss today, and UK still having to travel to Nashville, Vanderbilt is in great shape.--Vanderbilt Sports Line

Led by the three-headed scoring of Jermaine Beal (14ppg), Jeffery Taylor (13.9ppg) and A.J. Ogilvy (13.8ppg), they are looking good with only four road games remaining.--Alligator Army